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'Allo everyone! This is a thing where I put stuff and that. I should probably introduce myself in here. I'm Ryan, and I think I'm funny sometimes. I like pretty much everything, don't like...not much, really. Doctor Who is quite prominent, but I imagine that's fairly self-evident at this stage. Now this blog comes with 100% more genuine door-opening action, and that's all I could ever ask for out of life.

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Excited isn’t even the word!

Excited isn’t even the word!

So Night Vale happened! Wonderful show, all the emotions at once, even got to take part as a Librarian victim, and got to meet Cecil at the end, who was an absolute gent! I shall remember this night for a while!

(and I finally got to own a purple shirt, which is a big deal for me)

I've seen you do throwback thursday, but do you take part in TMI tuesday? we want to know all your secretsssssssss (or just polite asks maybe)


Sure, why not? My inbox has an open door for all folk at all times, much less simply Tuesdays!

How tall are you? And, blue suit! Yeeeeeees! *grins*


I…actually have no idea at all, would you believe I’ve never checked! …Moderately average, I suppose? Somewhere between one inch and ten thousand miles, that’s for certain.
Glad the blue suit is enjoyed, though! I do like it myself!

You should make use of the pot with the face in your next photo set XD


I…did not even notice the pot with the face!
Look at that creepy little chap, he’s strangely unnerving…just watching.

I like pictures that make me look absurdly taller. Angles are fun!

What would you like to see in an episode of the current series? any old creatures you want to come back or do you want some new ones?


More T-Rex. Make her the next companion (worked for Smith’s Doctor and Kevin)!
Haha, nah, in all seriousness, I’m quite happy to see the current series keep going the way it is! Looking forward to the reveals with Missy and the Nethersphere, though, it’ll be nice to see if any of my ideas are even slightly correct!
In terms of old villains I’d love to see back, there’s a whole list of them. Monster-wise, it’d be cool to see something quite old and a bit out-of-the-limelight brought back and made brilliant like they did the Zygons (stuff like the Axons or the Raston Warrior Robot, all that jazz). Villain-wise, Sutekh or the Valeyard. Mostly Sutekh, though, what a dude he is.

did you like this weeks episode? what do you think will happen with clara?


loved this week’s ep, had a real Fourth Doctor feel to it, I found! Very scary monster, the scenery was incredible, and I thought the whole guest cast was brilliant, nice and large. Capaldi and Coleman at their best (and most dapper/gorgeous) as ever, too, which is always nice!
Bit of an odd one, the way that Clara is going! Not sure what exactly I’d theorise there, but…something bad, I think. Nobody gets to leave the TARDIS and come back to have everything be all happy and such, there’s a reckoning there no doubt. Who knows, though, eh? Who knows? Hope other folk enjoyed it!

So I was working on a Whovian project and I was curious where you got your outfits. I ended up having to go through Spoonflower myself.

'Lo there, Whovian friend! The coat's from Abbyshot, and both of my suits are from Magnoli Clothiers (as are most of the ties!), who do a fairly ridiculous selection of Doctor Who gear (although I'll grant you, fairly high priced)! Otherwise for future reference (and perhaps for anyone else intrigued and reading this), I've heard fairly good stuff about CosplaySky and I s'pose a lot of the knitted stuff for certain Doctors can be found on craft sites a la Etsy, hadn't heard of Spoonflower before but that looks rather interesting alright! Hope I was of some service!

When you find your Doctor-ed up butt getting notes on here, something is either very wrong or very right with the world.

Haha, I love you guys.